4 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Be A Lifelong Leaner

“Five hundred years ago people knew the world was flat. Fifteen minutes ago you knew humans were alone on this planet. Imagine what you’ll know tomorrow!”

I just love the above quote by Kay from the sci-fi film Men In Black. If you keep learning – imagine what you’ll know tomorrow!

As long as you are alive, there will always be opportunities for you to acquire new skills and adopt new techniques. Here are four compelling reasons why you should maintain life-long learning:

Stay Ahead of the Pack
Learning helps you stay ahead of the pack. If you do not actively engage in acquiring new skills, or learning new things and putting acquired knowledge to use you are not doing yourself any favours. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’re running with the pack because the painful truth is that you are falling behind.

Your learning can be in any area of your life. It can involve learning how to play an instrument, taking up a new sport, academic, professional or just disciplining yourself to keep up with what is going on the world.

Improve Your Performance
Learning is the first step to becoming a high performer. There is a strong correlation between learning and performance. The more you learn the better you will be at doing your work and will become invaluable to your organisation. Infact, this can be applied in just about any area of your life. You will become more confident in discussing thoughts and ideas as you will be able to back up your views with information from what you have learnt. Everyone loves a high-performer who delivers results.

Be Adaptable
People who embark on any journey that involves learning tend to adapt to new situations very quickly. People who can adapt quickly win. They don’t mourn past losses but are quick to recognise new opportunities and get on with life. They don’t stay down because there is always something ahead for them to pursue.

Stay Sharp
There is evidence that keeping your mind active helps fight dementia and brain ageing. Other studies that have been conducted also suggest that the act of acquiring new knowledge produces a rush of dopamine – a feel-good hormone.

Everyday millions of people go through the same routine, while life passes them by. Don’t be like them. See every interaction as a chance to learn something new.

Apparently in Europe only 10% of adults engage in life-long learning. Nowadays with access to the internet learning does not have to be restricted to the classroom. You can learn wherever you are – in your home, car, or at work.

Finally, stop making excuses and learn something new. As someone once said, “If you wait until all conditions are perfect before you act, you’ll never act.”

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