4 Ways Gratitude Will Elevate Your Life

I’m done with complaining. It can destroy your life. The more you complain, the more you find things to complain about. When you entertain people who complain you start to attract the very things you don’t want in your life.

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These are four ways gratitude will elevate your life.

1. New Opportunities

Gratitude can create new opportunities for you. When you thank people for doing something for you, or giving you a gift, they are more likely to want to do it again. People love being appreciated. They like it when someone recognises the effort they put into doing something. This makes them more prone to want to maintain contact, or offer you new opportunities for you to work together. Saying thank you will cause people to see you as a nice person. They are also more likely to give you a good reference or referral.

2. Improved Health

Grateful people suffer from fewer aches and pains. That’s because people who are grateful a more likely to take care of their health by exercising and following a healthy diet. Focusing on gratitude also reduces their interaction with people who complain or focus on negative things. The benefits are improved physical and mental health.

3. Improved Self-Esteem

A 2014 study published in the Journal of Applied Sport Psychology found that gratitude increased athlete’s self-esteem, which is an essential component to optimal performance.

4. Elevates Your Mood

The best way to stop complaining is to learn to be grateful for the good things in your life. Gratitude elevates your mood.

Final Thoughts

Make practising gratitude a part of your daily routine and life to enjoy:

  • New opportunities.
  • Improved health.
  • Improved self-esteem.
  • Elevated mood.

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