The Only Thing You Need To Change To Be Financially Free

When I studied Economics at University they taught us about scarcity and opportunity cost. So I graduated with an honours degree and a mindset programmed to accept that scarcity in the world is a given. The world does not have enough resources for all its inhabitants. While this may be true for fields I have not researched, I know that this concept cannot be true where money and wealth are concerned. Why else do we have new millionaires being created? It’s no longer just “old” money out there – there is a lot of “new” money too.

As people, when we speak of scarcity it is from the perspective of what we currently own or do not own rather than the opportunities available to create what we what.

The problem is not in your pocket. It is not in your bank account or purse or wallet either. It is in the mind. That’s what all the money experts would have us believe. If we just change our mind then boom! the money will come.

Now I beg to differ. Although I concede that there is a mind connection, the truth seems to be that it is all rooted in our belief systems. A lady I once worked with told me that her grandmother used to say, “Belief can heal and belief can kill.” That’s why the placebo effect works.

Forget about trying to reprogram your mind in 21 days, 42 days, 63 days or whatever the latest trend is these days. All you need – take it from me – is to change what you believe.

I’ll give you an example. Some of you reading this dream of being financially free some day. Let’s look at some of the beliefs that you probably currently hold and are standing between you and your financial freedom. You probably believe you can only be financially free under these circumstances:

  1. You have your own business.
  2. You have enough capital to start a business.
  3. You earn a certain amount of money.
  4. You know the right people.
  5. You live in the “right” country.
  6. You come from a wealthy family.
  7. You inherit money and/or property.
  8. You marry into a wealthy family.
  9. Win the lottery. How many lottery winners do you know who go back to their former standard of life after only a few years?
  10. Have a good education. How many highly educated people do you know who are in debt and broke?
  11. You believe in following trends.

Learn to be a trendsetter. My father taught me that if you want to win in life you need to be an innovator.

Everybody wants financial freedom, the ability to live life on their own terms. If you’re honest with yourself, you will agree with me on this one. Why else do we hear of people’s wishful thoughts of, “If only I could meet a wealthy partner.”?

I recently heard about a man who worked at UPS making $13000 a year. Someone asked him if he had any savings. He laughed. How could he possibly save anything when his current income could barely cover his basic expenses?

“How much tax do you pay?” was the next question he was asked.

“20%” He replied.

“So, what would you do if the government increased the tax rate to 30%? Would you or wouldn’t you pay it?” 

“Well I would have no choice!” was his reply, as he conceded.

“Now live on that 70% as if you had no choice.” 

From that moment, the man in this story changed his belief system and apparently died a very wealthy man.

Change what you believe about acquiring and building wealth to something empowering rather than limiting. This one change could make you financially free.


What one belief is holding you back and stopping you from achieving financial freedom?

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