Being Vegan – The Next Big Thing In Life

It has been three years now since I made a lifestyle change and started following a plant-based diet.


Spinach smoothie green smoothie

I normally start my day with a glass of water followed by a smoothie. I have a few different types of smoothies I make to keep the morning routine interesting as I kickstart the day. One of my favourite ones is the spinach smoothie. I don’t add much to it – just water and fresh washed spinach. Occasionally I will add peppers – they add a lovely, refreshing taste.


Fresh fruit healthy eating

When I first changing my eating habits I would follow up with a bowl of oats served with a bananas. I don’t eat oats nowadays. Something happened when I started running which resulted in changed preferences. You can read about it in my post about my running experiences. I tend to get hungry quite quickly so I eat a little, often. Fruit is a life-saver as I snack on this throughout the day.

salad green salad

Lunch is usually a simple salad served with Quorn meat free fillets. I have various variations which I will share with you. I don’t prepare anything fancy but I do like experimenting a lot. The end result is that each meal I prepare is never exactly the same which is why I choose to call them Ree-Creations!


Vegetable soup tomato soup

I normally end the day with a bowl of soup. I think there is nothing like a hot bowl of soup to warm the heart, especially on a cold winter’s day. One thing I love is potatoes. I will have these served in a variety of ways – home made chips, mashed potatoes, roast potatoes etc. Supper is my main meal of the day so this will also be accompanied by a variety of cooked vegetables and a simple stew using the meat free range. I usually serve the mash with Linda McCartney sausages. If I fancy a curry then it will be Quorn meat-free chicken.


Do you think switching to a vegan diet will be the next big thing in your life?

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