Who Is Controlling Your Destiny?

Whose voice are you giving your ear to? The people you listen to and believe are the ones who control your destiny.

We are daily bombarded with countless instructions, controls, persuasions, and expectations from others. Everything around us demands our attention. We are not even aware of most of the things that influence our behaviour. Our lives are very much like ships with numerous captains, all issuing instructions on which course to take. We are not even aware that the directions our lives eventually take benefit only the controlling captain, leading us on their own course and, in fact, lead our own ships astray.

If we allow ourselves to be influenced by others, consciously or unconsciously, in a way that promotes other people’s agendas, then we are not only out of control, but are headed for an unknown destiny. We have failed ourselves by failing to recognise that our own future hangs in the balance.

Take time to consider who you allow in your inner circle and whose voice you choose to listen to. Your destiny depends on it.

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