Why You Shouldn’t be Offended by People

During the course of your life people will say or do things that will upset you. It happens because of two things:

1. How something was said.

2. How we choose to interpret it.

Scorpions don’t sting because they have something against you. They sting because it is in their nature. – Rejoice Denhere

Our source of pain comes from the meaning we assign to a thing. If you assign a negative meaning, then the comments or actions will hurt. On the other hand, if you choose to assign a meaning that empowers you, the result is that you can turn the tables in your favour.

Recognise that, like scorpions who sting because it is in their nature, people sometimes say or do hurtful things because it is in their nature. You can’t change them but you can choose how you respond.

So, don’t be offended because it depletes your energy, it lowers your vibration, and you end up stooping to their level. You end up attracting their negative energy into your life.

When you notice this negative character trait in someone stay away from them. When they try to pull you down, rise higher.

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